RCO Financial

About RCORCO Financial, Inc. is a broker specializing in professional order execution and clearing in all products at the CME Group. We are working for the customer at all times, helping our clientele achieve their goals. At RCO, we let the customer focus on trading decisions, while we focus on Clearing and Execution solutions..

We have an experienced staffed options execution group that operates on a”best price basis” between open out cry and electronic platforms in all  listed option products at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Our customer base consists family offices,  high end retail, sophisticated traders, introducing brokers, CTA’s, hedge funds, banks, institutions and market makers. These market participants generate liquidity in all options strategies. Our execution staff are experienced options professionals, focusing entirely on finding the best possible execution for our customers.

RCO Highlights

  • RCO provides experienced, professional, execution and clearing for all clients.
  • RCO has an experienced staff that understands how to tailor our service to fit the specific needs of our customers. We also have a strong presence in Emerging Markets.
  • RCO provides customers with comprehensive research, order-flow information, and timely market-moving news, as well as important technical levels in all markets.
  • The RCO team has a strong background in options and understands the needs of options traders at all levels of sophistication.
  • Distinctive Approach: RCO’s continuing growth and success is due to strong and lasting relationships and the ability to respond to the customer needs.
  • RCO has developed an internal vol converter for CME quoted option premiums.
    JPY Apr(05Apr13) Straddle [1.070] 443.0/445.0 (12.89%/12.95%) @1.0720 Live

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