RCO Financial
RCO Financial
  • Banks
    As the liquidity providers and hedgers of the currency markets, banks work with us to manage risk on their currency portfolios.
  • Managed Funds
    CTA’s and commodity pool operators bear the burden of finding strategies that work and implementing them into the markets.  We take over the responsibility and risk of execution,  allowing them to focus on what is important, trading.
  • Retail
    Not all Customers have direct floor access.  We work with many Individuals and IB’s to offer options execution solutions.  Independent traders get the benefit of choice with RCO.  Allow us to work for you by setting up your ideal infrastructure.
  • Corporate
    Corporate hedging is a crucial element in managing risk.  We work with manufacturers, farmers and other producers to facilitate effective hedging strategies in the futures and options markets.      

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There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodities, futures and options.
Any decisions to purchase or sell as a result of any information or opinions expressed in this communication will be the full responsibility of the person authoring such transactions.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.